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Job Search with Discretion

While the World is becoming more connected, that doesn’t necessarily mean you want the World to know you’re looking for a job. Our concerns are our Clients’ personnel needs and the logical next step in a Professional’s career. Our aim is to find where those two concerns Converge - and to make that connection; to discreetly explore each opportunity on your behalf.

Non-Published Job Openings

Candidate-to-Job matching applications have revolutionized the job and candidate search market. There are now countless platforms available for job-posting and candidate-searching, not including social and professional networking communities. What happens when your dream job comes in the form of a job that is not posted online to be found? In understanding the logical next step in your career and your cultural needs, we proactively work with our regular Clients to bring these opportunities to your attention.

Interview Process Advocates

Having an advocate that regularly works with a Company you explore for career opportunity and will tell you the truth about what to expect while interviewing is what defines Converge Resources. Converge Resources guides you through offer letters, educates you on the transition, and prepares you to begin your new opportunity.

Simplified Contract Employment

Executing project work should be simple. Employment paperwork can be burdensome if not thoughtfully prepared, completed, and stored. You should be able to rely on employment technology - and support - to help you maintain proper paperwork to ensure you are paid accurately and timely, enjoy the benefits you deserve, and remain compliant with all local, state, and federal employment laws.


"Converge Resources was very helpful with communicating between myself and my now current employer. If I ever had a question or needed an update I got a very quick response. They made sure to keep the interview process moving along and always followed up on each step of the process. Best recruiting company I have ever dealt with by far."

Barbara B.

"It was a quick process and my recruiter had an offer for me within a couple of days of my job search."

Rajatha R.
"Carlos was professional and the communication was immediate and effective."
Aran Y.
"The process of finding a new opportunity was clear, professional and accurate. I was provided a great new opportunity that met all my expectations."
Josafat G.