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Information Technology

Areas of Specialization:

Information & Cyber Security

Protect Data. Protect its Integrity. Promote its authorized use across the World.

Business Intelligence & Risk Analysis

Make more informed and better decisions for your business.

Data Engineering & Science

Collect and organize raw data to identify trends.

Software & Application Development

Reach and serve Employees, Partners, and Customers in an effective manner.

Project Management

Get the job done effectively and efficiently.

Infrastructure & Operation

Connect your hardware, software, networks, data centers, facilities, and other equipment.

Operational Technology

Areas of Specialization:

SCADA Networking

Monitor and Control your Process from anywhere.

Software & HMI Development

Understand the situation and Make good decisions in real time.

DCS Configuration

Monitor and Control your highly complex, automated processes.

Predictive Analytics Engineering

Identify data trends and put them to work.

PLC Programming & Troubleshooting

Ensure quality control on your automated processes.

Technological Trends

More devices are connected to the Internet every second!
Billion IoT Devices are expected to be in use by the year 2020

We solve staffing issues across the spectrum from IT to OT and - of course - where they:


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