Technology Focus Areas

Industry Application

The Information collected at the ground floor is being organized and understood to help us serve our customers more effectively in all areas of life. Here are a few Industries that our Candidates affect:

Energy Production & Processing

Exploration, Drilling & Production, Chemical Plants & Refineries

Industrial Manufacturing

Automotive, Electronics, Consumer Goods

Transportation & Logistics

Pipelines, Ports, Supply Chain


Credentialing Applications, Clinical Data, Pharmaceutical

Public Infrastructure

Smart Cities, Traffic Impact Analytics, Utilities


Conditions Monitoring, Harvest Analysis, Efficiency of Storage

Consumer Connection

Wearables, Smart Home, On-Demand Order & Delivery


Inventory Management and Intelligence

Converge Resourses Gray to White Gradient


The lines between Information Technology and Operational Technology are dissolving. We solve staffing issues across the spectrum from IT to OT – and of course – where they Converge.


Information Technology

BI & Risk Analysis

Make more informed and better decisions for your business.

Information & Cyber Security

Protect Data. Protect its Integrity. Promote its authorized use across the World.

Software & App. Development

Reach and serve Employees, Partners, and Customers in an effective manner.

Data Science & Engineering

Collect and organize raw data to identify trends.

Infrastructure & Operation

Connect your hardware, software, networks, data centers, facilities, and other equipment.

Project Management

Get the job done effectively and efficiently.

Operational Technology

SCADA Networking

Monitor and Control your Process from anywhere.

Predictive Analytics

Identify data trends and put them to work.

Software & HMI Development

Understand the situation and Make good decisions in real time.

PLC Programming & Troubleshooting

Ensure quality control on your automated processes.

DCS Configuration

Monitor and Control your highly complex, automated processes.